Dr Warren W Wiersbe: Be Determined ( Nehemiah ): Standing Firm in the Face of Opposition

Be Determined ( Nehemiah ): Standing Firm in the Face of Opposition


Best-selling author Warren Wiersbe unwraps the book of Nehemiah in his study "Be Determined" to show a servant so selfless, a mission so humbling, and a perseverance so admirable that Christians are drawn to a new awe of God. As the leader God calls to mobilize and equip His people to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem, Nehemiah was a man who didn't know the word "no" when it came to God's economy.God strategically summons the man of Jewish descent from his comfortable high position as Artexerxes' cupbearer at the palace in Persia to the difficult role as leader of the Jewish remnant. To this remnant of his own people, Nehemiah is called to empathize and share God's plan for their physical, emotional, and spiritual reconstruction. If open to it, readers will hear the Holy Spirit's direction in their own lives, and will surrender themselves to the God who equips them to do all things through His infinite strength.

The Greek myths have a universal appeal, reaching far beyond the time and physical place in which they were created. But many are firmly rooted in specific settings: Thebes dominates the tragedy of Oedipus; Mycenae broods over the fates of Agamemnon and Electra; Knossos boasts the scene of Theseus' slaying of the Minotaur; Tiryns was where Heracles set out from on each of his twelve labours. Here, the reader is taken on a tour of 22 destinations in Greece and Turkey, from Mount Olympus to Homer's Hades, recounting the tales from Greek mythology and the history associated with each, evoking their atmosphere and highlighting features that visitors can still see today. Drawing on a wide range of Classical sources, with quotations newly translated by the author and freshly illustrated with specially commissioned drawings, this Be Determined ( Nehemiah ): Standing Firm in the Face of Opposition free pdf book is both a useful visitor's guide to famous sites connected with Greek mythology and an enthralling imaginative journey for the armchair traveller.

Author: Dr Warren W Wiersbe
Number of Pages: 176 pages
Published Date: 01 Jul 2009
Publisher: David C Cook Publishing Company
Publication Country: Colorado Springs, CO, United States
Language: English
ISBN: 9781434767455
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